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Pets are always the best friend as per many people’s perception.
November 27, 2020

Pets are always the best friend as per many people’s perception.

Pets are the tamed animals kept at the house of human beings for pleasure or companionship. Usually people have dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, and many other animals as pets staying with humans. Pets are mostly liked by children and youngsters too. But, pets are also looked after by grandparents as well they have time to spend with them playing and making themselves busy. According to new research from Cambridge University, children get stronger and happier bonding with pets than with other friends or siblings.  

Pets can be a wonderful source of comfort for children. In my practice, when I ask kids about the members of their family, they often list their pets. Children always make themself comfortable spending time with their pets. Unconditional love and acceptance from a pet may be especially valuable for older tweens and young teens. As they head toward adolescence, children navigate greater academic pressures, increasingly complicated social relationships, hormones, and rapidly changing views of who they are. They want to feel cool and capable, but they often feel self-conscious and self-critical. In practical life, girls are more closed with pets rather than boys. Pets are especially dogs at homes. Dogs are the best friend of human beings. And, children prefer dogs rather than other animals. The social sustain that adolescents incur from pets may well support the psychological well-being later in life. Children also share their personal things with their pets as we know pets may not understand and respond verbally but we feel good to share, the level of revealing to pets was no less than to friends and siblings. The fact is that pets cannot understand or talk back to people may be even a boon as it means they are entirely non-judgmental. 

Not only do pets encourage the development of children with autism, they also reduce anxiety and stress levels in all children. Thus, according to many people’s perceptions pets are always the best friend of human beings.