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Harnessing Skills for Great HR

We all know that in business today, change is the only thing that stays the same, and this is especially true in the fields of human resources and professional development. The benefit that many human resources directors have is that people—the individuals inside their organizations—are the ones who initiate change. And the organizations that attempt to do change without successfully concentrating on their employee experience run the danger of doing it incorrectly. As we operate in a time of multigenerational workforces, political and economic unpredictability, and expectations driven by consumer-style, mobile-first technologies, these issues (and possibilities) for HR directors are even more complicated.

Nearly two-thirds of HR directors have had to adopt a reactive strategy to meet skill demands as a result of the rapidly changing skills environment, which leads to employees failing to put nearly half of the new skills they acquire to use. In order to structure HR and the organization – people, processes, and strategies – to be able to adapt dynamically to changing skills demands, the most effective HR functions employ a dynamic skills strategy. The part of us that deals with relationships is known as the social brain.

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