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November 5, 2020
PAN Registration in Nepal for Individuals.

According to the new rule of the Government of Nepal, beginning from fiscal 2019-20, all salaried workers, including both government and private firms have to compulsorily obtain Permanent Account Number (PAN). With this new rule in place, people are hurrying to get their PAN registered. However, many are[…]

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September 22, 2020
How to Register Online Company in Nepal

Online companies are those companies or businesses which are based on the internet and share its transaction or information through the internet. The essential activities of any business is to provide the services and facilities to the consumers, individuals or group of people. Here, in online companies also[…]

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September 21, 2020
Why a startup need a lawyer?

All start company need a lawyer. Startup refers to a company in a first stage of its performance. Startups are initiated by one or more entrepreneurs who want to promote a product or service for which they believe there is a demand. Startups also have to consider where[…]

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