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Good communication skills vital for personal growth

Good communication skills vital for personal growth

Communication skills are the competency an individual uses when giving and receiving various forms of information. Communication skills involve observing, listening, speaking and empathizing. 

Communicating in a clear, conducive and efficient manner is an extremely beneficial and peculiar acquisition. To build a successful career, an individual must develop strong communication skills. At this very modern period, we are sending, receiving and processing a large number of messages every day.

Developing a strong communication skills can have many benefits which are mentioned below:- 

  1. It helps to understand the feelings behind the information. 
  2. It can intensified the relations in personal as well as professional life.
  3. It helps us to elude conflicts, compromise and to make better decisions. 
  4. It helps to increase productivity. 
  5. It also improves employee engagement, decision-making, teamwork and interdepartmental communication in the workplace. 

Many of us cannot speak well at mass. People have various anxiety and fear of talking with people at mass. Their confidence level must be built strong.

We can build a good communication skills by following points mentioned below:- 

  1. Conciseness: Relegate your message in a few words as possible. Do not use such words which confuses the audience and get straight to the point. 
  2. Listening: To be a good speaker first we should be a good listener. It is very important to be an active listener, the listener must pay attention to the speaker and understand their statements and words. 
  3. Confidence: Be confidence in what you are saying. Do not try to make your statement sound like questioning and do not present your voice aggressively. 
  4. Respect: Respecting what others are saying and acknowledging them is an essential aspect of good communication. Being respectful means paying attention to what they are saying and not being distracted. 
  5. Body-language: It is the most important part to have good communication skills. One must use good body language like use of hand gestures, use eye to eye contact, use high tone for some specific sentences or words. 

These all can help an individual to acquire  good communication skills which is very important for future career. Personal development is only done by one self. It must be prepared by one self so that your both personal and professional life could be secured.