Season is any weather state which is determined by nature. There are four seasons and they are:- Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter. Winter season begins from the mid of November and lasts till February. It is the coldest season of the year. It falls after autumn and before spring each year. Winter is caused by the axis of the Earth in that hemisphere being oriented far from the Sun.

At this time, days are shorter and nights are longer. People usually do not come out until it’s daylight. Many of them sit inside the house by the fireside usually in morning and evening times. And, because of this people do not go out and shop which can affect the business. But, it will give rise to online shopping. Since November has begun the cold is increasing day by day on it’s pace. In winter, many kinds of fruits are also available like guava, oranges, grapes, etc. During winter, hot drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and warm food like jhol mo:mo are enjoyed more. In the hilly areas, people experience snow during winters. They have to shovel it out of the way to make way for walking. The essence of winters is enhanced by Christmas as well. It sets the holiday mood for people and is admired all over the world. People wear warm clothes and sit near a heater and make them warm. Winter is a kind of fun. Though many people enjoy summer, spring and autumn. But,winter is also good to have a change in a season and make yourself warm. In winter, diseases attack faster and people can become sick easily. So,everyone must take care of yourself as this year is very critical of the pandemic. Staying at home and taking good care of your health is a must preventive measure for both winter and the global pandemic. 

Nevertheless, the winter season is an important part of the year and is required to maintain balance in the environment. Winter season creates problems for poor and needy people who are homeless,which is the saddest part. 

Stay Home

Stay Warm

Stay Safe.