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Webinar On WordPress Development


Took a nap. Scrolled Facebook/ Instagram million tines. Ended up in Youtube Loophole and chilled enough with Netflix. Still, It’s TODAY.The announcement of COVID-19 as pandemic worldwide has rapidly changed our daily life. While this is difficult time for all of us, lets focus on positive sides. We have enough time to do whatever we want, whenever we want or however we want. We can sleep, nap, watch long lists of movies and series recommended by our friends (Out of topic though, have you watched Money Heist already?) or just stare at the ceiling. Totally our choice (wink) However, a little productivity at this hour does not hurt either, right??Urja tech Academy decided to help you guys a little and came up with an idea of “Webinar on WordPress Development”. The whole concept is to familiarize you guys  with WordPress and it’s basics. As you know, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System. The best part is that it is easy to use and flexible enough to make different types of WordPress. You will learn about environment setup, WordPress installation and other essential steps to get started with the development of WordPress website. The webinar is scheduled on 17th April, 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Yes! 1 HOUR, lesser than the time your crush takes to reply. So get ready with your laptop and may be a side note. While, we promise to introduce WordPress development beginners skills well, Please be informed that this will not turn you into WordPress Nazi right away. But getting started is a good start to the road of WordPress Nazi. That’s for sure. You can totally commit us that time, can’t you?? 
Also, (out of topic again) Do watch MoneyHeist if you have not. Happy Quarantining you all.

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