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July 16, 2022
Stages of entrepreneurial processes

Entrepreneurship means searching for market possibilities to create novel products and services. The entrepreneurial process becomes a continual progression of opportunities after the business is established. Exploring the changes that bring value becomes a matter of wisely allocating limited resources. Successful entrepreneurship happens when inventive people combine a fresh approach to satisfying demands with a[…]

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May 1, 2022
Three Steps of the Lean Startup Model

Lean Startup is a process of running and growing a company or Startup by trying, testing, and iterating while creating goods depending on your tests and feedback results. It is used to rapidly build items and companies, allowing the product developer or business to determine whether their business plan is swiftly successful. When using the[…]

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Five Stages of Design Thinking Process

The design thinking method is a constant process that involves gaining a better understanding of your user, challenging assumptions, redefining assumptions, and developing novel solutions that can be illustrated and tested. The general idea is to find alternate techniques and answers that are not immediately obvious based on your current level of expertise. As a[…]

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