Pokhara is the second largest valley situated in the hilly region of Nepal. It is located in the western part of Nepal. Pokhara is the place where we can see many tourists. Tourists come here to do many adventurous activities. Pokhara’s mesmerizing beauty has also been the subject matter for the travel writers. 

Pokhara is a very adventurous place to visit and have a lifetime experience. There are many activities where we can enjoy and spend our trip as well. There are six most to do adventurous activities in Pokhara which are mentioned below:- 

  1. Paragliding = There are many places at Pokhara where we can do paragliding. It is a lifetime experience which is being served by the pioneers of paragliding from the past two decades. 
  1. Bungee Jump = Pokhara has the best place to do such adventurous activity which is actually fun. Bungee jumping is a exciting experience for the people and tourists visiting there. 
  1. Hiking and trekking = Hiking and trekking are especially done by the local people of Nepal. Tourists also do but people from Nepal visit the place like Ghandruk, Ghale gaun, etc. 
  1. Rafting and boating = Tourists come here to see the beautiful sunset from Phewa Lake. Boating in the lakes is entertaining and it also creates a good impact in the tourism industry. 
  1. Skydiving = Skydiving is a thrilling experience that will make your heart beat faster and at the same time will leave you amazed while you fly above the clouds and fall into the lap of nature. 
  1. Zip Flyer = Zip Flyer in Pokhara is undeniably one of the most extreme zip lines in the whole wide world. It is the longest, the tallest and the steepest zipline with a length of 1.8km, an incline of 56 degrees and a vertical drop of 600 meters.

Many people have done some of these activities in other countries, but the main deed lies doing these in Pokhara, Nepal where there is a boasting of the ravishing Himalayas.