Dashain has almost ended and due to the global pandemic, people didn’t travel more. Everyone was at their home and putting tika with their family members. This time Dashain was not so crowded because of the pandemic. People are enjoying with their family members rather than travelling to far destinations. Dashain is the longest festival on the Nepalese calendar and thus it is one of the major notable festivals than other festivals. 

Dashain is the festival of tika and receiving blessings from elders. Many of us played cards, played swings, flew kites, had fun with family members, ate delicious food. Though people were not visiting their relatives as they used to visit in previous years. This year, it was a new experience for everyone. Since the number of infected people is increasing rapidly, the government with PM KP Sharma Oli has announced not to make crowds and just do the rituals within the respective homes. The pandemic has reshaped all the aspects of one of Nepal’s most distinctive holidays from economic to family members. Many people used to come home during the Dashain which is the biggest festival of Hindu Nepalese. People within the country can manage and they have also visited but people living abroad didn’t visit their home. Dashain is always liked by every Nepalese but this time it was hard as many people were far and the pandemic is increasing at a large number. People of Kathmandu Valley were suffering more because the number of infected people was at a high rate and the business was all messed up. Those who were not infected moved to their home and the valley was a bit empty. People are with their family enjoying the festival but this situation is very critical for those who are infected. Everyone is requested to stay safe and maintain social distancing while going out or gathering somewhere.

Dashain of this year 2077 was common for everyone. We were inside our home with our families. Now, that is also at our doorstep we are being prepared for it. It will be also the same but the main focus must be about your health. Dashain was not as it used to be but people have celebrated a lot. It was a new experience so it was fun. 

Stay Home

Stay Safe.