Whole world is going through a pandemic disease; COVID-19 and lockdown is taking place worldwide. Though some countries have relaxed lockdown but it is not like before. Offices are opened and people are going to work as regular but the students are at home with their families. Specially, teenagers are living the best lockdown life. They are utilizing the time of lockdown and they must because who knows now after their schools and colleges begins they can get vacation or not. Many of them are missing their schools and colleges though they are having online classes. Many teenager’s wanted to go out with their friends, go on a picnic and many more. But, it is risky going outside therefore, they are making food at home, calling friends and spending time together.

Teenage brains work differently than adult brains. Developing freedom and independence is one of the primary parts of being a teenager, and at the same time they are also relying on the impulse areas of the brains rather than the decision-making areas of the brains. They are much more focused on living for today, having fun, doing things that makes them happy and many more. They are completely enjoying and utilizing the time of lockdown. This is a scary situation and parents must talk with their children about safety. Social and emotional development is very important for the teenagers because they can panic and have mental health problems. As we know the hormonal changes take place in this time. Parents are the one who can make children mentally and physically stable. Socialising is very important for the teen health and this can be established within the family first, the initiative has to come from the parents. Family members must talk to teens about the need to find new ways to organise their days. Like, exercise, learning books (novels, story, poems), making food, friends-time and many more. No doubt they will be relying on digital tech more than ever before. This is fine but they also should get enough sleep to maintain their health.

Teenagers must utilize this time for various creativity works. Many of them are coming up with their hidden talents like cooking, dancing and singing. It will make them happy which helps them to be mentally stable. We do not know when lockdown will end and when we will be back to our normal life. So, keep developing your hobbies and being productive everyday.  This is the most beautiful opportunity to be yourself and let’s not regret in future that we had time but we did not do anything. 

Stay Safe

Stay Happy.