It is a company of waste management, construction and recycling, which protect our environment for future generations. This company works in areas of Plastic-Mixed Road Construction, Plastic Recycling, Waste Management, Green Bricks and son on. Green Road is fully committed to building a better world with plastics waste management.

Their products are -Green-Road, Green Bricks, Plastic Recycled Pellets, Shortened inorganic Waste. Rajiv Sharma is the chief technical officer and Bimal Basel, Bimal Bastola and Sanjeev Bastola are the co-founders of green road waste management company. Green Road is constructed by using certain a certain percentage of shredded plastic in the traditional road paving process, no extra machinery or process required. It is a very simple technology which does not involve any special machines deployment or other advanced skilled professionals. It helps to address the non-biodegradability of plastics and basically helps in lengthening the life-span of plastic materials which would either end up being dumped in the landfills posing a threat to bio-diversity of earth. Series of incidents that each of the founders experienced led to formation of Green Road Waste Management. One of them had a small accident due to a big pot hole on the road towards his home, while the other was suffering from waste water entering his home due to blockage in the drain caused by plastic wastes. While sharing each other’s problem in a friendly get together another friend told that he saw a news in The Himalayan Times about plastic road made in Bhutan and that’s how we started exploring this new technology and today we are here with a 100 m trial road. Plastic roads has many advantages which is eco-friendly also. 

The main aim of green road waste management company is zero waste and green environment. They thinks that with plastic roads we can manage the waste plastics and build more durable roads at the same time.