Foodmood, online food order and delivery service in Pokhara and Chitwan. Experience a new way of living for busy, lazy and distant people. There are numerous food delivery services operating in the capital. We are jealous and hopeful at the same time. Jealousy because we didn’t have a chance to experience a food delivery service in our hometown. Hopeful because these initial services will bring awareness about the existence of such services in Nepal. 

At the beginning of 2018, we officially gave birth to “Foodmood”. Developed our own system, created operational unit and started functioning from two major cities Pokhara and Chitwan. Here is how foodmood is defined. “Foodmood is the fastest and most convenient way to enjoy the best food of your most loved eateries at home, at the workplace or wherever you need to.” 

Foodmood is a food ordering and delivery company currently based on Nepal’s most beautiful place Pokhara. A single platform for ordering food from a list of restaurants and its own in-house delivery fleet to pick up orders from restaurants and delivering it to the customers anywhere inside the city.’ Sushil Paudel is the director of Foodmood.