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Dialogue On Dignified Menstruation

In Order to normalise the period talks and practice hygienic menstruation, Radha Paudel, an author activist is joining us at Resham store to have social talk on menstruation activism. The whole session will be focused on question raised by normal people who have been actively involved in the activism. The program also aims to clarify the doubts about menstruation and its activism.

The program will be moderated by Mr. Ashwin Karki, The Nepali Padman.

Speaker’s Profile :
Radha Paudel is a humanitarian social activist born 29 December 1973 in Chitwan, Nepal. Her main goals are to empower people living in poor districts of Nepal, organizing health services and human aid. She is a strong advocate against discrimination, especially of women. She opposes not only the traditional use of Chaupadi Goths but also social practises that limit women’s activities during menstruation in urban areas.

She is a nurse by profession, having specialized in anaesthesiology. She has a Bachelor in Community Health Nursing (2000), a Master in Health Education (2001) and a Master in Sociology (2003), all from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. In 2012 she received the N-Peace award as role model for peace.In 2014 she received the Madan Literature Prize for her book Khalangama Hamala.

Fill up the form for participation and your queries to Radha Paudel on Menstruation and its activism.
Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JBXJYTif22BPgfuJfGYKiEsE7NbrpFarHqsfymWzSrY/edit

Entry Fee : Rs.150

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